modern house numbers


May 18, 2017

if you're looking for more modern house numbers inspiration and photos, check us out on instagram. you'll find all the latest customer pics, product updates, and install tips. major inspo  on insta on the daily!  give us a look: @modernhousenumbers

{we love it when you go BOLD}

April 21, 2017 egads! would you take a look at these gorgeous homes?! our long time customer Beau Development Inc and Granger Family Homes has WOWed us again. we love their modern designs and their willingness to go BOLD with the digits! bravo on another amazing development! these SoCal digits look amazing. thanks beau. #welikeyourstyle #modernhousenumbers #wehavethebestcustomers

{park it}

April 19, 2017

we know stylish digits AND good visibility are essential to a successful house number project. don't forget the garage - it can be a great place to make a beautiful design statement, and help guests (and the pizza delivery driver!) find your home with ease.

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{master class in curb appeal}

April 12, 2017

well, hello there!

aren't these SoCal numbers so very welcoming? the delicate font and black powder coat finish makes for the curb-appeal equivalent of a firm handshake and smiling eyes. all greetings should be so warm! this is curb appeal perfection. thanks ben. well done! #welikeyourstyle #modernhousenumbers #SoCal #perfect

{go vertical!}

March 31, 2017 this gorgeous plaque in our palm springs font and brushed aluminum finish caught our eye in the shop this week. did you know we can customize our rectangular plaques in a vertical orientation? this makes for a unique graphic statement, and works well in areas tight on space.  turn heads. go vertical!  #modernhousenumbers #wevegotyournumber #addressplaque #modernaddress #curbappeal #headturner

{sold on SoCal}

March 29, 2017

delighted customers: this is why we do what we do!

"i saw the SoCal option from MHN + was sold. i didn’t care if it was going to be hard to get, these were the ones for me. they were sleek, they were clean, they were metal, they were powder coated black, all the right things. then i realized this was a small family owned business... there was no going back, i was already committed, i contacted them before i even showed richard…oops."

exerpt from nichole via the 'oh now we have a baby' blog.

we think her SoCal...

{plaque attack!}

March 23, 2017

put 'em up. we've got you surrounded!

we love these custom sized address plaques in our black powder coat finish. address plaques are a unique and stylish way to display your address or unit number. did you know, we can do a single plaque in a custom size, and we can accommodate larger orders. have something in mind? just ask! we're happy to help.

{spring green with envy}

March 17, 2017

spring has sprung and we're seeing green!  dont' be green with envy. pick up our green vinyl mailbox numbers in all our typefaces! if green isn't your thing, don't fret. choose from one of our eight other modern colors. mailbox vinyl is a quick (and affordable!) way to boost your curb appeal and make your mail carrier smile. take your curb appeal to expert level with a curb stencil in a matching font. instant wow! win/win!

#easypeasy #curbappeal #modernhousenumbers #mailboxnumbers #detailsmatter #outdoorproducts #instant #wow

{bow WOW!}

March 16, 2017

team MHN is totally WOWed by these perfectly placed SoCal digits on this modern-craftsman home. what an honor to grace this lovely entryway! thanks chazlee! you made our day.

#modernhousenumbers #yourMHN #modern #design #details #curbappeal #architecture #outdoor #products #detailsmatter #wholetthedogsout

{high fives all around}

March 03, 2017

all the fives, all the time! from south beach to palm springs, aluminum to black to white, our fives bring all the highs. #modernhousenumbers #address #numbers #plaques #ourMHN #detailsmatter #outdoor #products #curbappeal