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Palm Springs


Brushed Aluminum

Size + Shape (inches)

  • 5"
  • 7"
  • 10"
  • 3"x8"
  • 4"x11"
  • 5"x16"
  • 8"x8"


  • Center
  • Right
  • Bottom

Modern plaques and signs.

$ 0 USD

Premium quality, personalized signage handcrafted in the USA, just for you. Precision cut from solid, recycled aluminum in your choice of modern shapes, sizes and finishes.

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With your plaque order we’ll include:

  • Your made-to-order personalized plaque
  • Concealed mounting hardware: 2 inch steel studs, ½ inch aluminum spacers
  • A drilling template specific to your plaque shape and design
  • Step-by-step Installation Instructions
  • Solid, 3/8 inch thick, recycled
  • Stencil-cut characters with 1/8 inch solid tabs
  • Concealed mounting hardware for floating or flush mount
  • Brushed Aluminum Finish: Water-based UV
  • Powder Coat Finish: Low-VOC, won’t chip, rust, or
  • Coastal or industrial area: powder coat finish recommended
  • Product widths: Technical Specifications
  • Viewing distances
  • Handcrafted in the
  • Production Time: 10 business days
  • Customization and large quantities available
  • Sorry, no returns
  • Allow 10 business days for production prior to shipment
  • International shipping options available
  • Delivery time varies by location
  • Delivery via USPS or UPS
  • If USPS doesn't deliver to your address, contact us
  • Enter zip code during checkout to estimate shipping cost

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Plaque Product Info

  1. Select your favorite font that best suits your style.
  2. Choose a finish that maximizes contrast and legibility.
  3. Possible installation areas, such as entrance, eave, fence, column, garage, or monument. Recommended location has building or site lighting for nighttime visibility.
  4. Products can be installed on wood, stucco, stone, brick, concrete and metal.
  5. Confirm the size you’ve selected will be adequately legible. Refer to Viewing Distances + Sizing Guide.
  6. Confirm your available measured installation area is adequate.

Prepare to be totally impressed by the beauty and weight of your custom-made plaque! Each plaque is precision-crafted, just for you, from solid, recycled aluminum. We check every plaque for accuracy and quality before carefully wrapping them for shipment.

For more information on our personalized plaques, refer to the Viewing Distances + Sizing Guide, consult our Product and Technical Specifications for technical details, or check out our Gallery for more information and inspiration.

Our products are made to last. For durability, our brushed aluminum products are sealed with multiple coats of our matte, UV protectant. Our powder coat finishes, matte black, white, matte brass and dark bronze, can withstand the harsh conditions found in coastal and industrial areas and are longer lasting than conventional paint.

A plaque is a personalized sign with the numbers or letters stencil-cut from a solid aluminum plate. They help people locate your home or business, and are helpful to identify spaces like entry rooms, suites, restrooms, stairs, lobby, and offices, and more. They are very useful as directional signs and for wayfinding. A plaque is installed in one piece, which is different from individual numbers or letters. Plaques are best for close viewing, at a distance of 15’ or less. They arrive with a helpful drilling template and concealed mounting hardware for a high end look. Proudly made in the USA. Customization and large quantities available upon request.

Plaques are best viewed at close range. Refer to our Viewing Distances + Sizing Guide for the average viewing distances. Size, font, finish, and degree of contrast will all play a role in how well your new plaque can be read. Check with your municipality and HOA for any size requirements or restrictions. If you need something with larger text, consider numbers and letters.

We specialize in custom plaques and signage. Ordering a custom plaque is easy and more affordable than you might think. Don’t be shy, email us with your special request. We’d love to make it for you! Large quantities and custom sizes are available by request.

Place your order and we’ll get to work on your custom-made products.


  • Production time is 10 business days.


  • You’ll receive your tracking number via email.
  • Expect delivery in 2-5 business days in the USA, and 10-12 business days for international customers.
  • Email us for expedited shipping options.

Our high-quality plaques add value and style to your property. Plaques are helpful signs for  visitors, clients, delivery drivers, and first responders. Modern plaques are a unifying detail that can boost the appeal of your property. Plaques are especially suited for interior use and for close viewing. The minimum text height on a plaque is 2” minimum. The text on a plaque can be centered, bottom aligned, or right justified. When choosing your plaque, consider:

Ease of Installation

  • Plaques are often easier to install on less forgiving materials and surfaces
  • A plaque is a single element, often easier to install than individual numbers