house numbers & plaques

Step 1 Gather supplies - house numbers, template, raw steel studs, aluminum spacers, (tape, adhesive, hammer, drill and drill bit - not provided)
Step 2 Tape template at desired location, use level to align template. Drill holes according to template - use 11/64" drill bit (3/16" for masonry or rock)
Step 3 Epoxy one end of the steel stud.
Step 4 Push steel stud into hole on the back of the number. Light tapping with a hammer may be required, be careful not to scratch the face of the number
Step 5 Slide aluminum spacers over steel studs and apply epoxy to the end of the stud.
Step 6 Push number into holes, light tapping with a hammer may be required.

mailbox numbers

Step 1 Gather supplies - mailbox numbers, (tape, and ruler - not provided)
Step 2 Clean off the mailbox surface, measure the desired number location, and place a piece of tape to align the bottom of the numbers
Step 3 Peel off the number backing and align with tape, press numbers firmly onto mailbox
Step 4 Remove the front transfer film and tape

curb stencil

Step 1 Gather supplies - curb stencil, (spray paint, paper roll, and masking tape - not provided)
Step 2 Clean concrete surface of loose debris and press stencil firmly onto concrete at desired location. Remove front transfer film and tape edges.
Step 3 Paint stencil (be careful not to overspray)
Step 4 Allow paint to dry and remove stencil