How to Choose Aluminum Address Plaques for Different Architectural Styles

Choosing an address plaque can be challenging. Luckily, we are here to give you some expert advice on how to choose aluminum address plaques for different architectural styles.

When selecting an address plaque, pay attention to the design elements, colors, and overall aesthetic of the building. These considerations will help ensure the plaque enhances your property's curb appeal.

To save you the trouble of experimenting with different options, we have created this helpful guide to assist you in finding the plaque that complements the design of your specific home's architectural style.

Modern House Numbers Circle plaque in brass, SoCal font, 19-22.,
Source: modernhousenumbers.com

What Factors Should Be Considered When Choosing Aluminum Address Plaques

Although it may seem straightforward, you should consider many factors when picking out an address plaque. First and foremost, you should ensure the material is durable and weather-resistant. If you choose our aluminum house address plaques, you will be getting a high-quality product that is rust and corrosion-resistant.

In addition, you should also think about metal maintenance. Another benefit of ordering from Modern House Numbers is that our products make the process of cleaning the plaques fairly simple and can be done with products you have at home.

Furthermore, you should pick the right size and position. Choose a size that can be seen from a distance without any difficulties and a location that is clearly visible.

Since our plaques can be customized, you can choose between different fonts, finishes, shapes, sizes, and number/text alignments.  Consider your house's architectural style, in addition to your personal preferences.

How to Choose Aluminum Address Plaques for Different Architectural Styles

Knowing how to choose aluminum address plaques for different architectural styles is important for several reasons. All of them contribute to the functionality and aesthetic of your home.

By choosing an aluminum address plaque that coordinates with the style of your house, you will:

  • Enhance the curb appeal
  • Improve the readability and functionality of the plaque
  • Maintain the architectural integrity of your home
  • Showcase your personal style

When it comes to the finish of the plaque, we recommend opting for one that is in a contrasting color to your home’s exterior. We offer five beautiful finishes that work on a variety of exterior surfaces and colors, such as:

  • Brushed aluminum - works with most house colors
  • Matte black - goes well with lighter house colors
  • White - combine it with dark colors
  • Matte brass - pairs with every material
  • Dark bronze - compliments lighter colors the most
Modern House Numbers plaque, 5" x 16" brushed aluminum, Palm Springs font, 3 NINETY
Source: modernhousenumbers.com

Contemporary style

One of the most popular architectural styles in recent years is the contemporary style. If your house has this type of modern look, the best plaque designs will be minimalistic ones with clean lines. Regarding the shapes, the beauty of the contemporary style houses lies in their versatility, as they can seamlessly complement various forms such as rectangles, and squares.

Our Austin font is one style that compliments contemporary houses. It is thin and nuanced with a bend of modern angles and playful arches. A justified alignment offers a chic look. 

Midcentury modern style

Clean lines, open space, and flat planes characterize the midcentury modern-style houses. Consequently, the most suitable plaques for midcentury modern homes are rectangular or square-shaped.

If you have such a home, we recommend getting a large-sized address plaque with center alignment and the timeless Palm Springs font in the brushed aluminum finish

Classical revival

Classical revival is also known as neoclassical architecture. This architectural style is recognized for its simplicity, symmetry, proportion, and purity of design. Hence, the plaque you choose should correspond with the style characteristics of classical revival.

The rectangular shaped plaque aligns best with classical revival homes. You can achieve an added elegance with our unique and charming So Cal style font.

Tudor style

If you are looking for an address sign for your Tudor home, we have the perfect combinations for you at Modern House Numbers. To enhance the charm of your Tudor’s home, you might want to order a circle-shaped plaque with a matte finish, SoCal font, and center alignment.


To go well with the stunning close-to-the-ground profile and big windows of your ranch-style house, our expert opinion is that you should get a rectangular address number plaque, preferably in the biggest 5”x16” size. To give it a more unique look, you might want to choose the Palm Springs font and the center alignment.

Mediterranean style

Almost all of our plaques will suit the blend of Spanish and Italian architecture. However, most of our clients are looking for plaques that are simple, elegant, and clearly visible. In this case, a matte brass plaque with the So Cal font in any shape will look stunning.

Modern House Numbers Address Plaque, brass, 2727, 2725, in Palm Springs font.
Source: modernhousenumbers.com

Farm style

If you have a farm-style house and want to emphasize the functionality of your farm-style home and the sophisticated look of your front porch, adding a circle or a square house number plaque will do the trick. Opt for a matte black plaque and a simple font like our Austin option.


Knowing how to choose aluminum address plaques for different architectural styles will bring you one step closer to achieving an aesthetically pleasing exterior. Besides the font, alignment, and color of the plaque, remember that it is extremely important to install the plaque in a visible place.

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