Where to Put House Numbers on Garage

House numbers are an excellent way to breathe a little of your personality into your home's exterior. But the options aren’t limited to only placing them near the front door; you can put them near your garage as well. This is a very popular choice for homeowners, especially when the front of the garage is easy to see from the street.

When considering the placement of your house numbers on the garage, it is important to consider their visibility. First responders should be able to locate your home quickly, and guests and delivery drivers always appreciate address numbers that are easy to see and read.

You can choose from various styles, colors, and sizes for your house numbers to achieve a unique look near your garage.

How to Display House Numbers on a Garage
Source: modernhousenumbers.com

Where to Put House Numbers on Garage

Whether your home is modern or traditional, adding a stylish house number will elevate the beauty of your home’s exterior design and give it a customized look. Despite being such a small detail relative to the overall exterior, house numbers have a large impact on curb appeal. 

One of the most popular places for the house address is  near their front door entrance. By choosing to install your address near your garage door can elevate and differentiate your home from your neighbors.

Considering the amount of space near the garage door, you can get as creative as you want if you put up the address above the door. Sometimes the garage also has a lot of space on either side of the door. You can choose horizontal house numbers, or get creative with vertically installed address numbers. This allows you to consider numbers that are bigger and bolder than the average 3in or 4in numbers that many people have. In addition to being more stylish, larger numbers make your address easier to see.

The area around your garage door provides the opportunity to arrange your house numbers in a distinctive way. Additionally, for homeowners with an entrance that is not very easy to see from the street, placing numbers near the garage door is a great solution. Some of the following ideas are excellent for homeowners looking to place their address numbers or address plate near the garage:

  • Horizontally above the garage door
  • Vertically next to the garage door
  • Landscape planter beside the garage
  • Floating house identification number display
  • Directly on the garage door
  • House address displayed on a plaque
  • House numbers arranged on individual plaques 
  • Illuminated house numbers 

How to Display House Numbers on a Garage

Horizontally above the garage door

Put your address horizontally above the garage door to achieve optimal house number visibility. Instead of the space above your garage door remaining bare, filling it with your address will elevate your home's exterior design. 

Address numbers installed horizontally over the garage door by Modern House Numbers

Source: modernhousenumbers.com

This is an excellent solution if you have little space around your front entrance door.  We suggest picking a size that is at least 6in in height, but feel free to choose a larger size if you can. You can pick a font and finish that expresses your own style, or one that matches the style of your home.  Always pick a finish that creates contrast to make your address numbers easy to read.

Vertically next to the garage door 

If there is a column or narrow wall beside your garage door, it is the perfect space for vertically placed house numbers. Vertical numbers in a minimalistic style are an excellent way to make your exterior design more sophisticated.

Contemporary address numbers vertically near garage from Modern House Numbers

Source: modernhousenumbers.com

Choose a finish for your house numbers that creates contrast to make them pop. If you decide to go for a simple font and design for the numbers, it is better to choose them in a bigger size to ensure visibility.  If you choose a bolder, wider font, the thickness of the font style will make it even easier to see.

Landscape planter or wall beside the garage 

A landscape planter or site wall is a good solution for house address placement and adding greenery to your exterior design. If you have a green thumb, you can plant colorful flowers or ground covers to elevate your home's beauty. 

Address numbers installed on a planter wall from Modern House Numbers
Source: modernhousenumbers.com

As for the numbers, you can choose a simple yet chic look, or you can choose numbers that are big and bold on a site wall. Planters and site walls add interest to your exterior, and help to mark the entrance. Always choose numbers in a size that drivers can see.

Floating house identification number display

Floating house numbers add a unique and modern feel to the exterior design. As compared to address numbers that are screwed in or glued on, floating numbers are eye-catching and sophisticated.  The installation hardware is installed in the back of the number or plaque, which allows the surface of the number to be free of screwheads, and it creates a lovely shadow effect.

Floating address numbers near garage from Modern House Numbers
Source: modernhousenumbers.com

We recommend placing floating numbers vertically next to the door if you plan to install them next to your garage. For floating numbers, choosing a design or font style with clean lines is best because font styles that are overly busy or in a script font can be hard to read.

As for color or finish, choose something that creates a contrasting color scheme. If the exterior of your house is light-colored, the floating numbers in a dark color will pop against the backdrop.

Directly on the garage door 

You can also place your address numbers directly on the garage door. Some house numbers are very heavy. Heavy numbers may need to be screwed into the surface, which could compromise the door itself.  However, there is a creative solution! Consider installing exterior grade vinyl decals directly to the door. If the garage door has a window, you can install the vinyl numbers on the smooth glass surface. Of course, if you choose to display the numbers on the garage door, it is best to choose a contrasting color to make them stand out.  Many address decals come in modern and stylish colors. Express your personal style, while also creating visual contrast.  For example, if your garage door is dark gray, choose numbers in silver, white, or orange.

House address displayed on a plaque 

Another excellent way to make your house numbers stand out is by displaying them on a plaque. Plaques provide more sophistication to the exterior design of your home, and your guests will undoubtedly have an easy time locating you.

Address plaque installed near garage from Modern House Numbers

Source: modernhousenumbers.com

Plaques are an incredibly stylish way to display addresses. The great thing about plaques is that you can display house numbers in whichever way you like, and you can get the numbers cut into a variety of durable materials. You can put the number plaque horizontally or vertically beside it. Make sure the number size is large enough to be seen by guests. Sometimes plaques are best viewed at close distances. In this case, you can install the house number plaque near the garage, and install another set of numbers near the street.

House numbers arranged on individual plaques 

There is another unique way to display your address and make it stand out. You can put each house number on an individual plaque which gives you the option to display your address according to your desire.

Individual address plaques near garage from Modern House Numbers
Source: modernhousenumbers.com



You can choose to install the number plaques horizontally or vertically, or have fun and choose a staggered installation.  There is no limit to your creativity when choosing this option.

Illuminated house numbers 

When putting up new house numbers, you want to be sure they can be seen during the day and at night.  It is very popular and smart to install your new address near a light fixture. The light fixture, whether a wall mounted fixture or a landscape light, that shines on the numbers will make your address visible at night, and you will know that people will be able to spot it.

You can also find house numbers backlit with LEDs. These can be more expensive than regular address numbers and often need a power source. Be sure to investigate your specific conditions before choosing backlit number.

What Materials Are Suitable for Garage House Numbers?

The numbers you install on the exterior of your home should be able to withstand the weather changes without being affected. You do not want the color to fade or for rust to start appearing on them because of the material or due to water or sun exposure, or changes in temperatures as the seasons change. 

The address numbers material should also be fire-resistant for the first responders to easily spot your address in case of emergencies.

So, the most commonly used materials for house numbers are: 

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Copper
  • Brass

We make all of our numbers and plaques in the United States. We handcraft them from solid ⅜ inch thick, recycled aluminum, so they are incredibly durable and weather-resistant. Moreover, our house numbers are waterjet cut for precision and premium quality. Our numbers are made to last for years to come, even in the harshest conditions.

Suitable Materials for Garage House Numbers

Source: modernhousenumbers.com

Finishes for House Identification

Our classic brushed aluminum finish has a subtle horizontal grain, and it’s sealed with a clear, satin, and water-based UV-resistant protectant. A brushed aluminum finish gives a warm and sophisticated look to house numbers. Brushed aluminum also looks great on nearly every kind of house material and can create beautiful contrast on mid range and darker exteriors.

For harsh environments, including hot climates, coastal and industrial locations, powder coat finishes are recommended. Our powder coat finishes are more durable than regular paint. They will not peel, chip, or flake. Our powder coat finishes are low-VOC which means they are better for the planet than other finishes. The powder coat finish options available include:

  • Matte black 
  • White 
  • Matte brass
  • Dark bronze 

Lastly, standard exterior-grade vinyl decal colors include white, blue, bronze, green, copper, orange, and silver. 

Size of house numbers and plaques

When it comes to visibility, it’s vital to consider the size of your house numbers. After all, the main reason for putting your address on the house's exterior is to help others easily find your home. A second reason is to create a unique and interesting detail on the exterior of your home that elevates the look, and attracts attention. 

If your house is closer to the street, average-sized numbers will suffice. However, if your home is further from the street, you should choose a bigger size for your address numbers.

Our house numbers come in these standard sizes: 4in, 6in, 8in, 12in, 15in

Our address plaques are available in the following standard shapes and sizes:

  • Square – 8″x8″
  • Circle – 5″, 7″, and 10″ diameter 
  • Rectangle – 3″x8″, 4″x11″, and 5″x16″


These are just some ideas of where to put house numbers near your garage. The most important thing is ensuring your address is visible from the street. As for style and number placement, there are plenty of choices and ways that you can achieve a unique look. 

House numbers are a weekend project that can easily add a personal touch to your home's exterior design and boost your curb appeal.

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