Where to Put Address Numbers On House Exteriors

House numbers are an excellent way to add a touch of additional style to your home. But knowing where to put address numbers on house exteriors isn't always straightforward. At Modern House Numbers, we're experts in all things house numbers and we can help.

With these address placement tips you can unlock your creativity and feel confident about your installation location. Your home should reflect your style and showcase your personality, down to the smallest detail. With our knowledge of architectural design and dedication to style and quality, we can help you achieve the details that to make your vision come to life.

12in Palm Springs numbers | Dark Bronze

Design: Kelly Cissel

Where to Put Address Numbers House Exteriors

Whether you prefer a more classic or modern home exterior, Modern House Numbers can help you achieve your desired style. Choosing where to put house numbers can be a fun experience that lets you be creative in your placement. 

When thinking about putting address numbers on house, consider:

  • Match your personal style 
  • Contrasting colors 
  • Shine a light on them
  • Numbers on your mailbox
  • Oversized house numbers
  • Above your front door  
  • Serif Numbers
  • House numbers on a plaque 
  • Numbers on a planter
  • Floating house numbers

    Where Should House Numbers Be Placed?

    Most people place their address numbers by their door or leave them where they were when they bought the house. 

    However, if you want to elevate your curb appeal with a modern touch, choose house numbers that match your style and consider other locations if you have them available.

    'South Beach' address numbers from Modern House Numbers

    8in South Beach Numbers | Dark Bronze

    While house number visibility is essential, it does not mean your address number needs to be boring. There are more than enough ways to achieve a unique look with the style and placement of your house numbers.

    Match your personal style

    12inch 'Backbay' numbers from Modern House Numbers installed on a traditional home

    12in Backbay, Matte Brass | @diymom

    Many people match their address numbers with the style of the home. For a contemporary and interesting approach, it's perfectly okay to try matching the house numbers with your personal style, or the style of your interiors. For instance, if your house design is traditional, there is no reason that you you can't incorporate house numbers in a timeless modern font if it's more your style.


    Create Contrast

    'Palm Springs' numbers and letters on a modern home by Modern House Numbers

    12 & 8 in Palm Springs | Matte Black

    House numbers with a contrasting finish will enhance their visibility and achieve a bolder look. Creating contrast is important and suitable for both modern and traditional homes. 

    By creating contrast with your house numbers people will be able to find your property. No more worrying about undelivered mail, packages, or pizza because the driver could not see your address number. 

    'Austin' address numbers in brushed aluminum from Modern House Numbers

    4in Austin | Brushed Aluminum

    Two of the most popular finishes for modern house numbers are black and brushed aluminum. Black hardware, including address numbers, on white homes is very popular and modern. Brushed aluminum can create contrast against many different exteriors for a stylish look with high visibility. Matte Brass similarly creates contrast on dark and very light exteriors, and is a trending finish for exterior and interior hardware.

    Light them up


    15in Palm Springs numbers from Modern House Numbers, night view

    12in Palm Springs | Matte Black

    For visibility, it's always a good idea to make sure your house numbers are installed near a light source for night time viewing.  You can install near an entry, under a wall mounted light, or light them up with a landscape light.

    Numbers on your mailbox 

    Address plaque from Modern House Numbers installed on a mailbox

    4x11 plaque | Palm Springs

    Another creative solution is to incorporate numbers on your mailbox if you have one. If you want to avoid adding big numbers on your front door or siding, add house numbers to your mailbox. 

    'Backbay' mailbox decals from Modern House Numbers

    Backbay mailbox decals | Silver

    By placing your house numbers on the mailbox in addition to your home, you ensure visibility even if the numbers are a smaller size. You can place the house numbers directly on your mailbox or next to it.

    Oversized house numbers 

    12in South Beach numbers from Modern House Numbers, Matte Black

    12in South Beach | Matte Black

    If your house is farther back from the street, average-sized house numbers are unlikely to be fully visible. In this case, choosing oversized house numbers is a smart choice.  Larger house numbers are also a way to make a bold statement on your exterior that will make your property stand out and reflect your style.

    Oversized House Numbers from Modern House Numbers

    Oversized house numbers are also a good idea if your city has a requirement regarding the visibility of address numbers. They look better when you have a larger installation area. If you put small numbers on a large blank wall, they will likely look out of place. 


    Above your front door

    'Santa Barbara' numbers, Matte Black, from Modern House Numbers

    6in Santa Barbara letters | Matte Black

    If your house has an open space above the door, like a beam or a transom, you can consider this a great opportunity for your address numbers. You can use a traditional or a modern number style, or you can even use address letters to make a unique and bold detail that sets your home apart.


    Serif Numbers

    Matte Black address numbers in a serif font, 'Santa Barbara' from Modern House Numbers

    'Santa Barbara' serif font | Matte Black

    House numbers in a serif font style add a traditional accent to a modern house. You can mount the numbers directly to your home or put them on a post or monument sign. You can view our image gallery for many examples of house numbers using our Santa Barbara font style.

    But you can never go wrong with a timeless classic. Serif numbers look great when you want to add traditional style, and also look good integrated with the surrounding greenery and landscape

    House numbers on a plaque 

    Brushed Aluminum 'Palm Springs' address numbers from Modern House Numbers on a plaque

    Palm Springs numbers | Brushed Aluminum

    Place your house numbers on a plaque!  You can use a backing made from various materials such as metal or wood for a unique design

    A plaque or backing puts the address numbers into focus, making them hard to miss. It is an excellent way to highlight the numbers with a minimal approach

    Numbers on a planter 

    Dark Bronze 'Austin' address numbers from Modern House Numbers
    12in Austin numbers | Dark Bronze

    Use a planter with your house numbers visible on the exterior for a roadside option for displaying them, including some greenery.

    Your home number and planter must be relatively large for the numbers to be visible from a distance. For a cohesive look, also add a few plants to the planter that are also present in your landscape.

    Floating house numbers 

    White "Palm Springs' floating address numbers from Modern House Numbers

    6in Palm Springs numbers | White

    Your house numbers do not need to be flush against the outside of your house. They may instead appear to be floating. Numbers that give the appearance that they are floating have hardware that cannot be seen from the front.

    The subtle shadow cast beneath the numbers looks sophisticated and modern. All of the numbers we make at Modern House Numbers include concealed hardware for this floating effect.

    Stained glass numbers

    6in Palm Springs numbers | White

    Factors to Consider When Choosing Where to Position Home Address Numbers

    Besides choosing a style you like, creating a cohesive look is vital when choosing the optimal house number placement. You also want to choose the right house numbers to ensure visibility, not just pick the prettiest design. 

    Keep in mind the following considerations when you are making your decision.

    House number visibility

    The visibility of your address number is crucial. For instance, in case of an emergency, you want the first responders to be able to find your house as fast as possible. 

    If you have small house numbers, while your home is a good distance from the street, they are unlikely to be visible. 

    Choose average-sized house numbers if your home is close to the street. However, choose big house numbers for better visibility if your home is further from the main road. 

    When placing house numbers, certain cities have specifications you must follow regarding visibility

    House number size and font

    The house number size should be considered when hanging it. This primary goal is to ensure that the property number is one of the first things people see when they pass by. Bigger-sized numbers will always be easier to spot. 

    However, you can choose average-sized numbers if they look better and are still visible enough. For example, choose the following sizes based on the street distance:

    • 50 feet or less - 4 inches or larger
    • 100 feet away from the street - 6 inches or larger
    • 150 feet away from the street - 8 inches or larger
    • 200 feet away from the street - 12 inches or larger
    • 300 feet away from the street - 15 inches or larger

    Regarding fonts, the most popular style is a modern minimalist one. For example, most modern fonts are sans-serif. Sans serif fonts are simple without any strokes at the end of the number. Due to their simplicity, these fonts will complement all styles of homes

    Consider the material carefully because you will place house numbers outside your home. It must be able to endure variations in weather as well as other elements like rust. 

    Metal, wood, stainless steel, and even plastic with a chrome coat finish are several of the most prevalent components used in house numbers.

    The material used for house numbers


    So, if you wonder where to put address numbers on house, the answer varies. You can choose the style to match your style while still visible from the street. 

    When choosing the right location for your house numbers, visibility is crucial. Other than that, choose a style and material that lets you showcase your personality and creativity. 

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