Symbols, Arrows, Underlines and More

We've got you covered with stylish symbols, arrows, and punctuation in each of our stylish fonts and finishes.

Modern House Numbers '37 1/2' Palm Springs font, Brushed Aluminum Finish <img src="https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0326/2541/files/mhn_BLOG_symbols_fractions_4_600x600.jpg?v=1665189378" alt="Modern House Numbers Austin numbers and arrow in White, vertical orientation, installed on steel section
Palm Springs Numbers and 1/2 Symbol |  Austin Numbers and Arrow in White

Need symbols, fractions, arrows or other specialty characters? We've got you covered! We have many available options in our modern font styles and finishes. We can also create a custom symbol design to your specifications, and can also make an underlines and underscores. All our symbols are available in our durable finishes to allow you to create the signage and addressing you need, with style.

Preview your choice of symbols online including + @ # ! ? < ____, or reach out for a custom request. For more photos of our custom possibilities, check out the Custom tab on our website.

Modern House Numbers Custom Rectangle Plaque,l Palm Springs font with half arrow, Brushed Aluminum finish

Custom Plaque, Palm Springs font with half arrow | Brushed Aluminum Finish

rick mclain, author

Rick is a licensed architect at repp mclain design & construction. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Arizona and an MS from the Department of Architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). When he’s not designing and fabricating he enjoys spending time with Brandy, Jack, Avery & Taylor and restoring his grandfather’s Ford pickup truck.

You can learn more about Rick on the Repp McLain Website, on LinkedIn, at the AIA Website, or on Facebook.

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