Office Welcome Sign Ideas

People spend a significant amount of time in their offices. Many studies have shown that the interior design of a workspace can impact an employee’s productivity and performance. 

Modern House Numbers is an expert in designing unique, modern signs and plaques. Our team is here to offer advice on how to incorporate welcome plaques into your office design. Let’s find out what type of metal plaque will best fit your interior.

Office Sign Ideas

Your company's entrance or reception area is not just a space, it's a representation of your company's culture and values. Office welcome signs are a unique way to create a positive first impression. A simple, modern greeting sign will add a sense of hospitality and will create a welcoming atmosphere for anyone visiting your office space. 

Modern House Numbers offers a wide selection of distinctive plaques and signs that add character to any space. Our plaques come in four different durable finishes

  • Brushed aluminum
  • Matte black
  • White
  • Matte brass
Dark bronze 4" x11" plaque against white exterior brick.
Source: modernhousenumbers.com

Fun welcome sign ideas 

Creating a positive working environment for employees is important. Paying attention to interior details can help create a comfortable vibe for your office. You can showcase a casual company culture with a fun plaque or sign. Choose a welcome plaque that says, “Hi”, “Hello”  or "Hola." We guarantee you'll see a smile every time an employee walks into your office.

Modern House Numbers has signs in a variety of shapes and sizes. Check out our circle plaques in 5", 7" and 10" sizes or our 8" x 8" square plaque. By adding one of these welcome signs to your office design, you'll:

  • Set a fun and positive tone.
  • Make your office feel less formal.
  • Create visually interesting and aesthetically appealing decor.

Office welcome sign ideas for more formal settings

Some offices need to set a more professional tone. For a formal setting choose one of our  “WELCOME” plaques. These metal plaques will fit into any office space. The 4" x 11" rectangular-shaped sign, adds a personalized touch to your business space and is an ideal way to welcome your clients, business partners, and visitors as they enter your office. If you want to personalize the welcome sign, order a custom-made plaque with your company name.

Where Is the Best Place to Hang an Indoor Welcome Sign?

Make sure to put some thought into where you install your metal plaque. Choose a place that has an impact. Some spaces to consider are:

  • Office entrance
  • Reception area
  • Front desk
  • Lobby
  • Waiting area
4" x 11" Welcome plaque on yellow background.
Source: modernhousenumbers.com

Tips for Finding the Best Installation Area for Your Welcome Sign

 There are many things to consider when choosing where to install your metal plaque. Here are some expert tips for hanging corporate signs.


Choose a location that offers high visibility. Consider visitors' and employees' most common routes in your office. This will help you find an area with high visibility


Don't forget about lighting. The location you choose shouldn't be too bright or too dark. A welcome sign in an area with excessive light may create too much glare that obstructs visibility. Limited light can also be problematic. Consider installing additional lighting fixtures to highlight your plaque.

Appropriate height

It's important to calculate the perfect height for installing your metal plaque. Placing your sign too high or too low might make it difficult for guests and employees to see. Make sure to install your plaque at eye level and check that there are no obstacles that will compromise its visibility.

Installing Welcome Signs Effortlessly

Modern House Numbers makes sure your installation process is worry-free. Along with your durable welcome sign, we send a drilling template and mounting hardware. The steps for installation are easy to follow.


Hands holding "Office" plaque in matte black.
Source: modernhousenumbers.com

Why Choose Our Modern House Numbers Welcome Signs?

We have many satisfied customers around the US and internationally. This is because:

  • Our plaques and numbers are hand-crafted.
  • Our welcome signs and house numbers are made to last. They're made of solid, recycled aluminum.
  • We include an installation template, hardware and easy-to-use instructions.


You can get a durable plaque with a sleek design for low prices and make your company’s interior look divine.

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