Unique Address Plaque Gift Ideas for Housewarmings

Are you in need of ideas for housewarming gifts? Address plaques can be a unique and fun gift to give to new homeowners!

An address plaque is the first thing people see when they reach your doorstep. Not only does it serve a practical purpose, but it also adds to the beauty of your home. So, why not surprise your loved ones with the perfect housewarming gift?

Here at Modern House Numbers, we specializes in metal address plaques. We create statement plaques that will immediately catch the attention of bystanders. If you’d like to create a truly attention-grabbing gift, check out our guide below on plaque gift ideas.

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3 Unique Address Plaque Gift Ideas for Housewarmings

Mark the occasion with a custom designed address plaques. Custom address plaques are a great way to show appreciation for your friends or family members who are new homeowners. 

  • Customized designs

A monogrammed address plaque is guaranteed to impress and will ensure that the new homeowner loves their gift. You can customize the plaque with a family name along with an established date. Always make sure the established date reflects the date the home became the property of your loved ones.

  • Modern designs

If the house is ultra-modern, you can’t go wrong with a minimalist address plaque with a metal finish. Square or circle plaques can also add a modern touch that the new homeowner will love.

  • Special occasion plaques

Housewarming gifts also provide the opportunity to get creative! Instead of a basic address plaque, go for one with the recipient's anniversary date or another significant milestone unique to the homeowner.

Seasonal or holiday-themed address plaques are also a huge hit. Keep in mind that these plaques are fun, but can’t be used year-round, so they may not be as practical.

Source: modernhousenumbers.com

How to Choose Unique Address Plaques for Housewarmings

Address signs add to curb appeal and can be customized to fit your unique styleModern House Numbers can create personalized address plaques for house warming gifts, in a brushed aluminum, white, matte brass, matte black and dark bronze finish. Our powder coated finishes are particularly rust and corrosion-resistant. They can withstand harsh weather conditions, so they’re a long-lasting investment. These customized plaques make truly unique gifts.

When it comes to fonts, there are three favorites: Palm Springs, SoCal, and Austin. These font styles can change the look of your plaque. For example, Austin is sleek and professional, while Palm Springs is a mid-century modern style.

Taking the time to choose the right finish, font and shape of the address plaque, will ensure that it works well with the new home's exterior and vibe, thus creating a very special housewarming gift.


Source: modernhousenumbers.com


Address plaques for housewarming gifts are functional, unique gift ideas and will last the new homeowners for decades. The design choices are endless – go for a sleek brushed aluminum sign or a more rustic look with a matte finish. Choose a font that will match the architectural style of the house and add a beautiful touch to the exterior.

At Modern House Numbers, we have design choices fit for every taste. Explore our custom design options, create personalized housewarming gifts, and give new homeowners a present like no other.

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