How to Mount and Hang an Address Plaque

Address plaques enhance the exterior appearance of a home in addition to helping visitors and delivery personnel find your property easier. They are one of the first things every guest notices and can create lasting impressions. Wondering how to mount a hanging address plaque?

We have got you covered. You can accomplish this project with just a few tools and careful planning. Follow our instructions to ensure a secure and visually appealing installation.

How to Mount Hanging Address Plaque
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Home Address Plaques - Style and Function

Address signs catch visitors' attention and verify they have arrived at the correct location. An address plaque for a house is a visible and aesthetically pleasing way to display your house number. It makes your home identifiable, adds a touch of personalization, and contributes to a well-maintained and welcoming exterior.

This sign not only helps visitors and postal carriers locate you but also ensures that help arrives on time in times of emergency. Therefore, the plaque must be well-mounted in the right place and easily readable.

Mount Hanging an Address Plaque

Home address plaques come in various designs and can complement any house type and style. They add a finishing touch to your outdoor space, ensuring visibility and serving a practical purpose.

Installing a house address plaque is a straightforward process, but it needs to be done correctly to be functional and provide aesthetic appeal. Now, you may be wondering, “What tools do I need to mount a hanging address plaque?” To mount your hanging address plaque, you will need to gather the following materials and tools:

  • Plaque
  • Template
  • Studs
  • Spacers
  • Drill

1. Prepare materials and choose the location

Gather your supplies: plaque, template, studs, spacers, (not included: tape, epoxy, rubber mallet, drill, level). Masonry, concrete, and stone installations may require a hammer drill.

Decide where you want to place the plaque while considering eye level and visibility from the street. Standard placements for these signs, include: near the front door, the porch post, or any visible part of the house.

The plaque needs to be close to a light source and should also not be obstructed by things like debris, plants, etc. Ensure that it is easily visible during different times of the day, including the night. There are also some regulatory requirements that your address plaque must meet, varying across states and jurisdictions.

2. Mark the chosen placement with the template

Tape the template at desired location. Use a level to align template. Drill holes according to the template. Use an 11/64” drill bit or specialty 3/16” bit for masonry and rock. Carefully remove the template.

3. Drill the pilot holes and add epoxy

Using a drill bit of the appropriate size, create pilot holes at the spots that you have previously marked. Doing so helps in preventing the surface from splintering as you insert the screws.

If you are unsure about the placement, we advise using a painter’s tape to create a mock outline on the surface. Doing so will allow you to visualize the plaque in the chosen location before you place any permanent marks. Apply a thin layer of epoxy to one end of the stud.

4. Install Studs

Push the studs into the pre-drilled holes on the back of the plaque. Light tapping may be required. If so, place on a soft surface. Take care not to scratch the face of the plaque.

5. Install the spacers

Slide the spacers over the studs. Apply a thin layer of epoxy to the end of the exposed studs.

6. Attach the plaque to the wall

Push the plaque into holes. Light tapping with a rubber mallet may be required. Take care to not scratch the face of the plaque. Note: Steel studs must be fully concealed to protect from the elements.

How Do You Hang Address Plaque on Siding?

An essential thing to consider when mounting an address plaque is the material you are attaching it to. We have lots of customers install on lap siding. Typically the numbers are either on 1 board in which case they are slightly tilted back or straddling 2 boards. To install the address plate on a siding, follow these general steps:

1. Use a pencil, template, and a measuring tape to mark the desired position.

2. Using a level tool, ensure the plaque will be hanging straight.

3. Mark the spots for the studs on the template accordingly.

4. If the siding is hard, pre-drill small holes at the marked spots

5. Use a screwdriver or a drill to attach the plaque through the holes.

6. Ensure the studs are secure and check the alignment.

NOTE: Let us know if you plan to install your plaque on siding. We can send you additional 1/2" spacers to make up the for the angle of the lap siding.

How Do You Hang Address Plaque on Siding
Source: modernhousenumbers.com

What Are Two-Sided Address Plaques Used For?

Two-sided address plaques are designed to increase visibility from multiple directions. These address plates are practical solutions for situations where a single-sided plaque is insufficient. They are commonly used when there are two approaches to the property, like a house on the street corner.

Their design ensures the address numbers are visible from either direction. This makes it convenient for visitors, delivery personnel, and emergency services to identify the location quickly without having to circle around. 

Check back as we plan to add two-sided plaques to our product list very soon!


Have you been wondering how to mount hanging address plaque? With the right tools, attention to detail, and our guidance, you can complete your project effortlessly and in no time.

So, it will add a personalized touch to your property. Also, an address plaque serves a practical purpose, making your home easily identifiable, and can improve the aesthetic appeal of your home.

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