Simple Tweaks For MidMod Curb Appeal

Architect and midmod expert Della Hansmann shares the simple moves you can make - without breaking the bank - to boost your mod curb appeal. Read on for Della's fantastic suggestions for adding more MCM style, along with her *free* resources to get the ideas flowing.

Hi, Mid-Century Homeowner! Modern House Numbers are a perfect match for any mid-century home upgrade! If you want to plan some curb appeal updates to bring your house back to it’s mid-century charm … or give it a little modern polish that works well with the original style … here are some tips to get you started. 

'Before' photo of midcentury modern ranch home in Wisconsin Midcentury modern ranch home, after photo, with Palm Springs, Matte Brass address numbers from Modern House Numbers
Before & After via Della Hansmann


Start small and then scale up!

Even a few small tweaks - the kind of things you can knock off in a weekend - have the power to transform how you feel about your house. You can get started right away. Not sure where to begin … try these three quick and easy upgrades! 

Tip 1: Paint your front door your favorite color

8" Palm Springs numbers, Brushed Aluminum finish on custom wood backing

If you’ve got an original door you love, draw attention to it with a bold shade.   Or perhaps your door was replaced by a previous homeowner who didn’t love MCM as much as you do.  That happens!  You can put finding a new one on your to do list … but tide yourself over by brightening up what you’ve got.

"Painting the storm door to match your main door color so that the both “pop” together!"

 Need more ideas: I’ve got a Mid Century Front Door Pinterest Board designed to help get you going!


Tip 2: Give your Mailbox a Mod Update

midcentury modern mailbox with address number decals from Modern House Numbers

Modern mailbox with 4" Palm Springs mailbox decals, White


If the idea of picking “just the right color” for your door has you feeling overwhelmed, narrow it down by first choosing a mid mod mailbox that lights you up … then just have the paint store match that color for you! 

While you don’t want a mid-century house to be too matchy matchy,

"It’s a great design idea to have one color show up in a few places around the house."

If your front door, mail box and a fun planter or two all share the same color, the whole house will feel stylishly tied together. 

Need more ideas:  Check out my free guide: the Front Door Facelift Checklist for starting points! 

Tip 3: Upgrade to new Modern House Numbers

Large, metal midcentury modern address numbers from Modern House Numbers

8" Palm Springs numbers, Brushed Aluminum finish


I recommend Modern House numbers for all my mid-century master plan clients because they have the power to easily upgrade any house!  I’ve been recommending them to every client for years … and they’re what I chose for my own mid-century house, too!

 Follow these tips to choose and place your new modern house numbers! 

  • Plan for visibility: You want your new numbers to be as large as possible and easy to see from the street.  Plus … size is design detail.  Go big (when you) go home!  Consider shining a light on your new numbers so they show up at night!

  • Mix up the placement:  You don’t have to put your new house numbers right where the old ones were.  Use the house numbers as a design element.  They might go over your garage door, run vertically beside a front door, or fill in a gap of boring siding somewhere on the house.  You could also build in a new fence or landscape feature to show them off in style.

  • Let them stand out: Make sure you pick a finish from the Modern House Numbers finishes that will contrast well with the background material for their new spot. 


Need more ideas:  Check out this interview with Modern House Number owner Brandy McLain on the Mid Mod Remodel podcast! 


Ready To Turn up the Mid-Century Charm?


So, you’ve got the new tone of your home set with fresh door color, a cheery mailbox and bright new modern house numbers?  Don’t stop there!

Take it to the next level with more fun tweaks or transformations.  You can upgrade your garage door, replace or add new modern light fixtures, build out a friendly front porch or deck and add landscaping improvements!!


You can later replace an out-of-date front door that you painted a few years ago with a new one that matches the house better.  Think about your house in three dimensions - have you got a good covered entry?  Perhaps the house needs a small addition to enclose a practical and welcoming vestibule! 


You might even find more than one place that needs a set of house numbers.  Consider having one set on the house itself and another closer to the street. 

 Here are some key mid-century design ideas to guide your improvements:

  •  Choose Asymmetry:
Mid-Century design is all about things being off-center but balanced.  

Instead of trying to force artificially symmetrical designs on your home you can play up it’s non-matched features.  Contrast a high reaching vertical element on one side with a long low spreading one on the other. 

Try to use the asymmetry of your home to make the walk up to your front door more fun!

If you do find something that’s overly symmetrical in your design, break it up!  Let your design choices be playful, flexible and fun! 

  •  Keep your Shapes Simple
The simple, playful shapes of Mid-Century design put the focus back on  the materials they are made from and the overall balance of the design.  You’ll find simple shapes from small to large in a mid mod design - from the basic triangle of the gable or flat roof, to the gentle curve of a kidney shaped swimming pool.

The simple classy shapes of Modern House Numbers’ options are one of the reasons I love them so much!

When you choose new features for a mid-century home … from light fixtures to lawn furniture … make sure the design is as simple as possible. 

  •  Mix up your Materials

Take stock of the mid-century materials you’ve already got in your home.  Any original siding, brick, stone or other finishes are a jumping off point for new elements.  Mix it up!  Feel free to add natural materials or fun manufactured ones – BREEZEBLOCK! – to add interest to the simple ranch form



Remember, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one phase of making a great Mid Mod Front Entry for yourself. Feel free to treat these as steps in an ongoing process. Start with new house numbers and a brightly painted front door and then see how far down the rabbit hole you’ll go!

Della Hansmann of MidMod Midwest at her home. 8in Palm Springs numbers in Matte Brass from Modern House Numbers

Della Hansmann at her MCM Ranch home in Wisconsin.
Picture of the Author

della hansmann, guest author

Della Hansmann is a Residential Architect and Mid-Century enthusiast!  She’s the host of the Mid Mod Remodel podcast.  Her firm, Mid Mod Midwest helps homeowners match their mid-century homes to modern lives. Learn more about her on LinkedIn.

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