Rick and Brandy In The News!

Our founders Rick and Brandy McLain were recently interviewed in ShoutOut SoCal Magazine where they share candid insights about Modern House Numbers, and talk about the necessity of risk-taking as a small business owners. 

Rick and Brandy McLain of Modern House Numbers, in Tucson Arizona

Rick and Brandy McLain, Founders of Modern House Numbers

You'll want to hop on over to the full article for more insights, photos, and the McLain's list of must-visit spots in Tucson! While you're here, we've got an excerpt to wet your whistle:

What should our readers know about your business?

"From the beginning, we knew we would create our products in Tucson, one customer at a time. We wanted to be hands-on every step of the way and have a manufacturing model rooted in sustainable practices.
We knew when we started that everything would be modern, durable, and waterjet cut from 100% recycled aluminum.
These decisions resulted in a hybrid manufacturing model where we became experts in mass customization. These core principles guided our decisions at the onset of Modern House Numbers and continue to inform our decisions today. We’re proud to say that our numbers, letters, plaques and decals are still made by us and our team in Tucson.
We’ve always pushed beyond the conventional and avoided trends. We offer iconic design options to stand the test of time. Additionally, we’ve been laser focused on quality, and on taking the very best care of our customers and staff. We do not waiver from these commitments.
As an e-commerce company, we’ve learned that you cannot be complacent with short term success.
We’re always looking to improve and innovate. From our internal processes to our website, we consistently work to stay curious and relevant."
You can read the article online here.
Behind the scenes with Brandy and Rick McLain at Modern House Numbers in Tucson Arizona
Solid aluminum signage, wayfinding, room numbers, from Modern House Numbers in Tucson Arizona
Picture of the Author

stacy burnett, guest author

Stacy Burnett is the Director of Marketing and Branding for Modern House Numbers, as well as a registered Architect. She has a passion for graphic design, modern & contemporary art, and architecture. You can read more about Stacy on LinkedIn, and on the Repp McLain website.

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