Biggest Benefits of Handcrafted Metal Plaques

Placing signs inside and outside your property is one of the best ways to make your home easy to identify. However, while making a home easy to spot is important, there are additional benefits to handcrafted metal plaques than just visibility.

This article will discuss the many advantages of ordering custom metal plaques and signs as we examine their durability, longevity, pricing considerations, maintenance, and more. 

Seven Benefits of Handcrafted Metal Plaques 

Customizable metal plaques are the epitome of professionalism and good taste. While they're mainly used to make it easier for people to find your property address, they have additional advantages you may not have considered.

Benefits of Handcrafted Metal Plaques

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Unlike materials such as wood and plastic, metals such as aluminum are more durable and lightweight. Additionally, harsh weather conditions like rain, wind, hail, or heat don't pose as severe a threat as they do with signs made of less durable materials. In fact, our personalized metal plaques offer a waterproof exterior and are designed for outdoor settings. They are also rust and corrosion-resistant, keeping them beautiful for years to come. However, for coastal and industrial areas we recommend a powder coat finish to best contend with the environmental conditions. 

Looking through the metal sign market, customers will find that aluminum and steel are two of the most used materials. But which is better?

Aluminum Plaques 

Aluminum signs are extremely durable and lighter weight than steel signs. These metal signs are the preferred option for business exteriors. They are easy to care for and won't rust or corrode.

Steel Plaques 

Steel signs are heavier than aluminum signs and more difficult to install. One major downside of steel signs is that they are susceptible to corrosion and need more maintenance over their lifetime.

Added Protection 

Potential damage coming from unpredictable weather is a common concern among potential customers. But how durable are our handcrafted metal plaques? Can they withstand any weather conditions?

We can't speak for the others, but here at Modern House Numbers, we ensure our metal signs have that extra protection by offering brushed aluminum and powder coat finishes. These ensure that our metal signs remain intact even in severe circumstances such as heavy weather.


Want a plaque that's uniquely you? Metal signs are highly customizable and can be crafted based on length, thickness, and usage. Metals such as aluminum are preferred among sign manufacturers because they are easy to work with and can be styled into any desired shape or size. 

Our customization options offer our clients a plethora of different plaque designs to choose from. Those who already have something specific in mind can even have almost any size, shape, or design created from scratch.


Although customizable metal signs might seem more costly than plastic or vinyl signs, you'll find our aluminum plaques more cost-efficient in the long run. Metal signs are low maintenance and made from long-lasting material. Their quality maintains its integrity over time.

At MHN, we create outdoor metal signs made to last. Our plaques are damage-resistant, made from durable aluminum in a variety of finishes that enhance the design's durability as well as its style.

Though signs made from other materials, such as plastic and vinyl, may come with a lower price tag, customers should remember that these low-quality "bargains" will need to be replaced while our custom aluminum plaques can last a lifetime.

Easy maintenance 

Low maintenance is another benefit of a handcrafted metal plaque that often gets overlooked. The cleaning procedure is simple and requires only a soft cloth and mild dish detergent. After cleaning, the metal plaques look as beautiful as the day you installed them.

Our Modern House Numbers team recommends clients clean their signs as needed since they can accumulate dirt and grime on their surface over time. You can find additional details about the recommended cleaning procedure in our FAQs section.

Compatible with LED Lights 

What often slips customers' minds is that the metal plaque must be visible during daytime and nighttime. If the plaque isn't placed in a well-lit spot, it's difficult, if not impossible, for people to find your property after dark. 

Unfortunately, many come to this realization only after installing the metal sign on their wall. One of the best ways to resolve this issue is by pairing the metal plaque with LED lights. 

LED lights are usually placed behind the sign to create a glow that will attract the attention of those passing by; however, the light can be placed on top of the sign if the design allows.

Square brushed aluminum Four plaque

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Brand Recognition 

Metal signs increase the visibility of your business, and when paired with strategic placement, they immediately grab your customers' attention. With their visibility and modern style, metal signs are an effective way to attract potential customers to a brand-new shop in the neighborhood. Businesses can benefit greatly from the personalized options that metal signs offer. Additionally, by including plaque designs in the interior and on the exterior of their location, businesses can add a touch of uniqueness that their competitors lack. 

Final Thoughts

Adding up all the benefits of handcrafted metal plaques, especially their durability and customization, makes them an attractive option. Clients have a wide variety of patterns, designs, images, and lettering available when designing their custom plaque, making them a superior option to the cheap, prefabricated alternatives out there. 

Metal signs are suitable for business advertising efforts as well as home decoration. In addition to their customization, uniqueness, and beautiful aesthetic, our metal signs' low maintenance and longevity make them an ideal purchase, whatever your signage needs.

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