Worth the 'Weight': Video

Learn more about why you'll be delighted by your choice of Modern House Numbers versus the local home improvement store brands.


 Hi I'm Stacy from Modern House Numbers and I'm here to talk about the impeccable quality of our products and why our customers tell us they're worth every penny and I'm going to show you through a few examples. I went this morning to our local home improvement store and I bought a couple samples of the numbers that they have there and I’m going to show you the difference. First I picked up these, they’re pretty similar in size to our MHN but I think they’re made of plastic and worst of all is you can see the hardware through the font. This one here is the most similar to our products from size and shape but I weighed them and if you can believe this, our product weighs nearly twice as much, why is that? The evidence is clear when you flip them over.


Modern House Numbers are heavy duty, and made to last. When compared to some other products at the local home improvement store, our numbers weight nearly twice as much. Our installation hardware is design to be concealed, so the front surface of our products are modern and clean.

Each of our numbers and plaques are from solid, 3/8" thick, recycled aluminum. We handcraft them just for you, and include concealed mounting hardware.

They may take a little longer to make, but we promise it's worth it. These are the only numbers you'll ever need.

Modern House Numbers Plaque with numbers and logo stencil cut from solid, 3/8" thick aluminum. Detail shot of corner to show thickness and quality.

Plaque, 5x16 vertical with Custom Logo | Brushed Aluminum Finish
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rick mclain, author

Rick is a licensed architect at Repp McLain Design & Construction. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Arizona and an MS from the Department of Architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). When he’s not designing and fabricating he enjoys spending time with Brandy, Jack, Avery & Taylor and restoring his grandfather’s Ford pickup truck. Learn more about Rick on LinkedIn.

You can learn more about Rick on the Repp McLain Website, on LinkedIn, at the AIA Website, or on Facebook.

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