Video: Installing Your Mailbox Decals

Brandy McLain, co-owner of Modern House Numbers shares the four easy steps for installing your new peel-and-stick Mailbox Decals.

Be sure to stick around for Step 4 where Brandy shares a super helpful tip for making sure your numbers don't peel up! 

Brandy McLain | Owner, Modern House Numbers

Our exterior-grade vinyl decals are a great way to boost your curb appeal without breaking the bank! Available in multiple sizes, colors, and each of our modern fonts, you can customize your mailbox decals to your liking, including numbers, letters, and symbols. Once your decals arrive, installing them takes no time. Brandy walks you through the process to make your mailbox number installation a breeze.

"Today I'll share the four easy steps for installing your new mailbox decals. I've found some great tips over the years for beautiful, long-lasting results!"

Brandy has installed more mailbox decals than she can count! She knows the process inside and out. With her expert tips, you'll have the best mailbox on the block in minutes!


1. Prepare Your Surface

Sounds silly, but your new decals work best on a clean, smooth, dry surface. Rough, wet, and dirty surfaces are not decal-friendly.

2. Create a Guideline Using Tape

If you take a moment to decide on the best spot for the decals, measure and then use a piece of tape as a guide. When you have something to align to it makes for an installation that is straight and level. This small step is at the heart of a beautiful, long-lasting result.

3. Use A Vinyl Tool or Credit Card

When you're peeling the back protective layer or the front transfer film, you've got to take your time.

4. Go Slow!

When you're peeling off the back protective layer, or the front transfer film, take your time. 

5. Check Your Work

Once you've peeled off the front film, give each number or letter a final press with your finger, or a vinyl tool. You'll want to press down firmly on the surface of each one, especially on the corners and edges.

 Modern House Numbers Mailbox Decals - three layer diagram  Vinyl Mailbox Decals - what you'll get, from Modern House Numbers
  Mailbox Decal Diagram | What You'll Get-Mailbox decals, spaced by our team + Installation Instructions


Also, you can read the Video Transcript below:

 "Hi, I'm Brandy from Modern House Numbers. Today I'd like to step through the four simple steps for installing your mailbox decals.

When you get your order, make sure you look for the packing slip, and turn it over for the four easy steps for installing your mailbox decals. Let's get started.

  1. The first step is to be sure your surface is clean, dry, and smooth. Then gather the supplies that are needed. You'll need a ruler and some tape.

  2. The second step is to take the tape and align it to the bottom of the mailbox using the ruler to fully space it out, so when you install your numbers they are aligned and level.

  3. The third step is to peel off the backing of the numbers. Simply start in one corner, and peel off the front transfer film to remove the backing.  Align the numbers to the prepositioned tape. Start from the bottom, and simply use your fingers to slowly push the numbers onto the mailbox surface. When it's laid out flat and even, you want to use your finger, or a tool such as this to push down the vinyl numbers firmly. You want to make sure to get all of the numbers, even the edges. If you don't have a tool like this at home, no problem. Use a credit card. Once they are completely pressed down firmly.

  4. Slowly pull up the clear front transfer film. Make sure you do it from the corner. I found this is a great trick so that your numbers don't peel up as you're pulling up the transfer film. So this item (clear front transfer film) will be discarded. Then, re-press down on the numbers either with your finger or a tool as we discussed earlier to make sure none of the corners have lifted. Then simply remove the guide tape.
Look at those beautiful numbers. You're going to have the best mailbox on the block!"
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