From The Experts: Good Advice For Rocking This Detail

Address numbers installed on stones and boulders is a popular and unique exterior detail.

Modern House Numbers '6577' Palm Springs font, Dark Bronze finish, installed on a light gray boulder in the landscape.

8" Palm Springs Numbers, Dark Bronze | photo: Kathy O.

If you have the space and the right spot, installing house numbers on a boulder or stone is an eye-catching way to mark the entry to your property. With the right stone, you can totally rock it!

"Pro Tip: When installing on boulders or rock, you'll want a large, smooth flat surface to install your numbers. "

Here's some advice from our in-house experts if you're inspired and ready to rock:
  • Be patient. The uneven surface of natural materials is beautiful, but can be challenging.
  • Choos a stone with a large, flat surface to keep your numbers as even as possible
  • Choose a stone with a color tone in a contrasting color
  • Use a hammer drill and a drill bit for rock and hard materials
  • A boulder with a rougher face will be a more difficult process
  • You made need to pick up a few spacers in varying depths to account for the uneven surface. 

Kathy's installation of Palm Springs numbers is about as good as it gets when following our suggestions. She chose a rock with a large, smooth installation zone, and one with a color tone that creates contrast for visibility. Note that the imperfect surface of the rock can create conditions where your numbers won't be 100% level. We think that's just fine for a special detail like this one.

They look great nestled in the landscape. Thanks Kathy!


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