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Do you love our 6" Palm Springs numbers and need them fast? We've got you covered! Visit our QuickShip page to order, and we'll ship them the next business day!

Modern House Numbers 6" Palm Springs Numbers, 0-9, in Matte Black. QuickShip tab. Modern House Numbers 6" Palm Springs Numbers 0-9 Brushed Aluminum Finish QuickShip
6" Palm Springs Numbers in Matte Black and Brushed Aluminum | Order from the QuickShip tab

Every QuickShip number is made with the same care and precision as our made-to-order numbers.

Our 6" Palm Springs numbers are our most popular style and size! When you order with QuickShip, each number is individually packaged and arrives with a helpful drilling template and concealed hardware for a subtle floating effect.

Be sure to order from the QuickShip tab!

Modern House Numbers 6" Palm Springs numbers in Brushed Aluminum installed on dark gray wood siding.

6" Palm Springs Numbers, Brushed Aluminum Finish | photo: Karen Nepacena @destinationeichler
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