How to Clean Your Brushed Aluminum Numbers and Letters

Brushed aluminum is always in style! This finish is an attractive option for house numbers, letters and plaques. Its subtle metallic grain gives it a clean, modern, and sophisticated look, and the metallic tone compliments all architectural materials and colors. To keep your brushed aluminum finish looking as sleek as the day you bought it, you must clean it regularly and correctly.

Brushed Aluminum numbers from Modern House Numbers

Weekly or monthly maintenance goes a long way in preventing damage and keeping gunk away. Of course, minor scratches and scuffs may appear; that’s everyday wear and tear, and is often unavoidable. But you can keep your aluminum address numbers looking great with the proper upkeep. Dirt and dust are the major culprits to dulling this metallic finish. When you remove the dirt, your finish will be as good as new!

A Simple Way to Clean Brushed Aluminum

The key to keeping brushed aluminum bright and sleek is keeping it clean. By washing and drying it regularly, you'll remove the dirt and dust build up that is most commonly found on the surface that dulls the shine. Brushed aluminum is more delicate than stainless steel, so it’s imperative to be gentle when cleaning your numbers and plaques. 

You don’t need anything fancy or expensive to clean your brushed aluminum products. All you need is a damp towel and a few drops of gentle dish soap — things you probably have on hand already. When cleaning, always go with the grain. Once you're sure all the dirt and debris has been removed, gently rinse away any remaining soap with a damp, lint-free cloth, and dry gently.

Brushed Aluminum Round Plaque, Austin font, from Modern House Numbers

    Now you know more about cleaning your beautiful brushed aluminum address numbers and letters. Brushed aluminum is a modern, sleek, and very sophisticated look for house and office numbers, and it’s essential to clean them to keep up their shine and flare. If you’re looking to invest in a modern house address and don’t know where to buy address numbers, check out our online gallery to see which style is your favorite.


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