How to Display Address Plaques in Multi-Unit Housing

Address plaques can upgrade the look of a home's exterior and can also elevate expectations about it's interior, but can the same be done for multi-unit housing? The answer is yes! Installing address plaques to multi-unit housing is a creative way to make it stand out.

In this article, we discuss 8 ways to display address plaques in your multi-unit housing. Keep reading to get inspiration!

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What are the Best Ways to Display Your Address Plaques

Whether you're living in a house or own multi-unit housing, an address plaque is a nice way to address a residence. Below we discuss the best and easiest ways to incorporate address plaques into your multi-unit housing.

Engrave it on your mailbox

If a standard form of address labeling is required for your multi-unit housing, then find another way to incorporate an address plaque into your exterior decor. Choose a modern mailbox made of masonry or a high-end metal, and add an address plaque (good news- we have many address plaque ideas to choose from)!

Adding a greeting message like “Hello” or “Welcome" is another unique way to welcome guests and will make your multi-unit housing stand out.

Place them vertically

If you live in a duplex instead of an apartment building, you can place your address plaque vertically to mark your entrance. Use a modern, minimalistic font that goes with any exterior. You have many options for outdoor plaques for multi-unit housing.

Illuminate the house numbers

Another idea is to use lighting to make your address plaques stand out! Illuminated house numbering is a subtle yet creative way to mark your home address. It sends a message of both elegance and practicality. Mail carriers, delivery people, friends and family will easily find your house. Just make sure to pick lighting that is cohesive with the exterior. 

Put it on the wall next to your entry door

Maximize your entrance and place your address plaque on the side of your entry door. You can choose a vertical or horizontal plaque or a modern circle or square shape, depending on your space.

Also consider which font will most compliment your space. Here at Modern House Numbers, you can also customize your address plate with modern fonts, such as Palm Springs, SoCal, or Austin. You can check all of these options out on our website to see what works best for you.

Add greenery 

Flowers or succulents add life and aesthetics to pretty much any setting. The same applies to address plaques.

In an apartment building where you are limited with options, add an address plaque and place succulents or other greenery for a modern touch.

Use letters instead of numbers

Lettered plaques are another creative yet subtle way to display addresses in multi-unit housing. This option is ideal for all those who want a unique address plaque.

There are different fonts and sizes to customize your address plaque and to compliment your style. Explore your options online or contact Modern House Numbers for a customized, handcrafted address plaque.

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Choose A Quality Finish

Last but not least, we have to mention finish. Here at Modern House Numbers, you have 5 finishes to choose from. We offer brushed aluminum, matte black, matte brass, white and dark bronze.

The brushed aluminum finish creates a classic and timeless look that suits almost any style of exterior facade. Depending on your exterior colors, you can consider using a darker or lighter finish. Finding just the right finish that compliments your exterior will surely elevate the style of your unit.


We showed you 8 ways to display address plaques in multi-unit housing. You don't need a lot of space to install address plaques. If you think about placement, lighting, finish and style you can maximize the look of your unit!

We hope this article inspires you to get creative with your address plaque display.

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