When should you consider an address plaque over stand-alone address numbers?

Good quality and visible house numbers can update the look of your home and ensure people can find you. When shopping for house numbers, trying to lock down all of your options can get overwhelming. Many homeowners opt for an address plaque, while others prefer to purchase individual numbers. Read on for some insight into both options.

Mark Timmons

Mark Timmons

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If your Looking To Improve The Curb Appeal Of Your Property

An address plaque is a great way to add a more decorative look to the front of your home, while still clearly displaying your address. It can be helpful for guests and delivery services when it can be difficult to decipher house numbers on an average facade. Generally, an address plaque should be considered if you're looking to improve the curb appeal of your property or simply want a more elegant way of showcasing your address number.

In terms of material, stone plaques are popular options as they’re strong and durable when left outdoors in all kinds of weather conditions for long periods. They also represent a timeless design choice with their classic aesthetic that works well with both traditional and modern homes alike. Other materials such as aluminum and ceramic are also good choices if you don’t prefer stone or have budget constraints in mind - just make sure that whatever option you choose is weather-resistant so it stands up against wind, snow or rain over time!

Size should also factor into the decision about when to consider an address plaque: larger sizes (typically 18 inches) tend to bring better visibility from farther distances away from the home than smaller sizes (around 12 inches). Ultimately though, it depends on personal preference; some people may opt for small plaques even if the larger size would offer greater visibility in order to achieve their desired appearance overall.

The placement is important too - many people like having their house numbers visible at eye level so they can easily be spotted by passing cars or pedestrians walking by the property. It's best practice not to place them higher than 6 feet off ground level so that those who need access won't get lost trying to find it! If you'd like extra guidance here, there are plenty of professionals available online who specialize in designing perfect placements based on specific requirements/desires.

In conclusion: whether you're wanting improved curb appeal or simply seeking an easier way for others to read your home's number , an addressing plaque could be precisely what you need! Weighing up style preferences along with materials used, size chosen and finally making sure placement brings ultimate convenience will help ensure maximum satisfaction once installed onto any exterior wall surface.

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Vickie Larue

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Address Plaques Should Be Used When You Want Your House To Have More Personality

House numbers can be very simple. Hence, when you want your gate and house to have more personality, then address plaques should be used. They can also contain more information such as block number and house number so they can be more informative than just a house number. Lastly, the address plaque can tie up the theme of the house as there are many styles of address plaques to choose from and you just have to choose one that goes well with your house's theme. Hence, choose an address plaque.

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If It Matches With Your Home’s Style

When displaying your house number, you want to be complimentary to your house's style. If your house is slightly more traditional, then a plaque might look more traditional and be more in line with the style of the house. House numbers by themselves can be a little more contemporary. That being said, you can mix styles, giving your house a little bit of extra character. The important thing to remember when deciding on your house numbers display is to make sure you can see the number from the street.

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If The Visibility Is Challenging

When visibility is challenging, address plaques can be a better option than traditional numbers. You can purchase plaques with contrasting background colors, making the numbers stand out vividly, even from a distance. Address plaques are also much easier to install than individual numbers, so they can be a great option for homeowners who aren't very handy.

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If You Are Going To Stay In That Place For Long

An address plaque should only be considered if you intend to be in the same location for a long time. There's no point in shelling out the money for something that won't be useful the following year. So, if things are going well, go ahead and purchase the plaque.

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