What are some tips for having a contractor install address numbers?

Communication is a key element in dealing with hired workers. Read on for some additional tips for having a smooth experience with your contractor.

Nick Valentino

Nick Valentino

VP of Market Operations of .

Communicate Upfront With Your Needs and Preferences

Whenever you hire a contractor to install address numbers, they should be given clear instructions on exactly what is needed and expected. Make sure to communicate your needs and preferences upfront so that no surprises arise later down the road. To get the best out of your contractor, make sure they understand where on your property the numbers will be placed and how large they need to be, as well as any other details you want them to know. It also helps to have an open dialogue and provide constructive feedback about their work in order to ensure a successful outcome.

Martin Orefice

Martin Orefice

Listen To Your Contractor’s Input

One key here is to take the time to listen to your contractor's input on number size and style, position, and color. They undoubtedly have done this before and can help you avoid some major blunders. This is also a conversation that should start much earlier in a major home project if you're planning to create a unified look or style across your exterior finish, trim, house numbers, and other elements. This will help you to be on the same page when it comes to installing address numbers.

Dan Belcher

Dan Belcher

Founder, and CEO of .

Have A Written Contract

Dealing with contractors, at times, won’t come easy. To protect both parties' interests, it is always good to have a written contract between you and the contractor. This may sound too much for an address installation numbers job, but it is better to start on the same footing right from the very beginning.

Both parties can stipulate within the contract what their expectations are from one another, and both of them should agree on everything and put it into writing. In this way, both parties have set clear expectations and move on to fulfill what they have agreed upon.

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