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modern house numbers


{worth the weight}

April 03, 2018

so worth it! made from SOLID 3/8" thick recycled aluminum, our numbers and plaques are heavy-duty and made to last. these may take us a little longer to make, but we promise they're worth it! 

#modernhousenumbers #solid #durable #detail #curbappeal #mhnHQ


{custom: this logo is on fire!}

January 10, 2018

YES! we can work with your artwork, graphics, logos and fonts to create something special for your brand. we love how this custom order turned out. straight fire! thanks torchprep! #welikeyourstyle

#modernhousenumbers #modern #sigange #custom #powdercoat #yeswecan #justask


{numbers: 2sday!}

September 05, 2017

it's 2sday in the shop! we love this matte, dark bronze powder coat finish. on our socal font, it's a little feminine, a little masculine, and a whole lot of just right!  2sday, all day!

#modernhousenumbers #socal #housenumbers #addressnumbers #powdercoat #2sday


{plaques: address satisfaction!}

August 31, 2017

this set of custom plaques is giving us some serious address zen in the shop. we love the bottom justified text in our palm springs typeface. we're a little sad to see them go, but we can't wait to see where they land!  if you have an idea for a custom plaque, let us know! we'd love to help. you'd be surprised at how affordable customizing our products can be.

#modernhousenumbers #plaques #housenumbers #addressnumbers #gocustom  #wehavethebestcustomers


{numbers: we're ready for our close up}

May 17, 2017

meanwhile at MHN HQ...we could look at this all day. 

all of our our letters, numbers, symbols and plaques are cut from sturdy, 3/8" thick brushed aluminum. we include concealed hardware with every order, making for a classy, subtle shadow effect. pretty gr8, no? our custom products are worth the wait. we promise!

#modernhousenumbers #quality #outdoorproducts #worththewait #custommade #madetoorder #soho


{plaque attack!}

March 23, 2017

put 'em up. we've got you surrounded!

we love these custom sized address plaques in our black powder coat finish. address plaques are a unique and stylish way to display your address or unit number. did you know, we can do a single plaque in a custom size, and we can accommodate larger orders. have something in mind? just ask! we're happy to help.


{we couldn't have said it better}

September 29, 2016 hello indeed. our customers are killing the plaque game as of late.  keep it up! to customize and preview your plaque here on our website, click on the plaques tab and type away. easy peasy. #welikeyourstyle #yourMHN


{MHN vs. the big box store}

September 19, 2016

not all house numbers are created equal. ours are made from 3/8" solid aluminum, with concealed fasteners, and include spacers for a subtle shadow effect. we make them to order, and we make them to last. #ourMHN #worthit #skipthebigbox #detailsmatter


{well connected....}

June 15, 2016 did you see these beauties on our instagram feed? we think they're too good not to share everywhere. vertically connected ditigs in our santa barbara font in black powdercoat on the left, backbay in bronze on the right.  #intheshop #custom #justask #modernhousenumbers #yeswedo


{but first.......}

April 21, 2016

but first....these SoCal digits in our our rich, bronze powder coat finish. smooth and dark like black coffee. 100% matte, 100% class.  getting our morning fix.