Introducing Our Latest Innovation: Contrast Plates for your Plaques!

Modern House Numbers is now offering contrast plates as an upgrade to your address plaque. Available in black or white, contrast plates are designed to slide behind your plaque to enhance visibility and extend viewing distance, while also adding a stylish detail to your plaque. 

Created from durable high-density polyethylene, our contrast plates are engineered to withstand the elements. To install, simply slide the contrast plate over your plaque's mounting hardware, so it rests snugly behind your plaque.

Expoded diagram of plaque with hardware and contrast plate.

Why add a contrast plate to your plaque?

Increase visibility:

Making sure your address plaque is easy to read is important when directing visitors to your home or office. Adding a contrast plate to your plaque is an easy way to enhance the text visibility. Whether you’re pairing a dark plaque with a white contrast plate, or a light plaque with a black contrast plate, contrast helps make your text pop and improves overall readability. Contrast plates can increase visibility of your plaque’s text by as much as 40%. This can make a significant difference, especially in low-light conditions or from a distance. 

Using lighter and darker colors to play off of each other is one of the simplest ways to add contrast and make your plaque design more visible.


Create a Statement Piece:

If viewing distance isn’t an issue, consider using a monochromatic color scheme when choosing the color palate of your plaque and contrast plate. Monochromatic color schemes use various shades and tones of a single color to create a modern, sophisticated design. 

White cirlce plaque against wood wall. White contrast plate behind plaque.

Looking to make a statement? Embrace a monochromatic color scheme. 

Dark bronze plaque with black contrast plate behind plaque.

Whether you appreciate the simplicity of a monochromatic color scheme, or like to make a bold statement with contrast, pairing a contrast plate with your plaque is an easy and affordable way to upgrade both its functionality and style.


Picture of the Author

rick mclain, author

Rick is a licensed architect at Repp McLain Design & Construction. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Arizona and an MS from the Department of Architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). When he’s not designing and fabricating he enjoys spending time with Brandy, Jack, Avery & Taylor and restoring his grandfather’s Ford pickup truck. Learn more about Rick on LinkedIn.

You can learn more about Rick on the Repp McLain Website, on LinkedIn, at the AIA Website, or on Facebook.

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