Street Style in Nigeria


SoCal numbers '224' in brushed aluminum, installed on a column near a busy road in Nigeria - Modern House Numbers

8" SoCal numbers, Brushed Aluminum

These SoCal digits were installed in Lagos, Nigeria. It doesn't look like an easy feat to capture them, but we're so glad you did. Thanks, Rekia! They look great.

If you want to give your installation a boost:

Consider mounting your Modern House Numbers on a background of a contrasting color.

It'll make your numbers POP!

Did you know that we can ship internationally?  We have the pleasure of shipping to many countries around the world, and it's a treat to see the installation photos. Share your best photos via email to photos@modernhousenumbers.com, or tag us @modernhousenumbers on Instagram.

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Plaques and Numbers: A Winning Combination!

We love this idea for numbering multiple addresses at a single location! Combining individual numbers and an address plaque to create unique visual and typographic interest! This could be done on a stand-alone property as well - numbers on the street and a plaque at the house or vice versa. Such a great idea! thanks, Anne. well done!  #welikeyourstyle #wehavethebestcustomers #addressnumbers #addressplaques #addressinspiration #modernhousenumbers